Poirier ADR

Lynne Poirier is a labour arbitrator, mediator and workplace investigator.  After 15 years practising law in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, Lynne established a practice which focuses on resolving conflict and ensuring that solutions make real and practical sense to the parties involved. She sat on the Nova Scotia Labour Board from 2017 to 2023, and since 2017 she sits on the Canada Industrial Relations Board as a part-time Vice-Chairperson.

Securing a peaceful outcome during turbulent times is Lynne’s main objective for her clients. Lynne has significant experience representing organizations in complex legal disputes. From human rights litigation at the Supreme Court of Canada to advising small town councillors on thorny harassment issues, Lynne has worked with parties large and small to guide them through a vast array of conflicts. Throughout, she has developed a respect for the determination of people in the midst of conflict, and a keen interest in those cases that should be settled out of court.

Having witnessed clients go through the hardship caused by lengthy and often senseless conflicts in the workplace, Lynne is passionate about guiding individuals and organizations to lasting, peaceful solutions.